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About NaCl H20 Saltwater

We are an environmentally conscious couple who love to go to the beach every chance we get. Anytime of the year we can get to the beach is great. But like most beach lovers summertime is the best! Blue skies, bright sunshine, a nice breeze, and warm water is the best. Of course, the sight of some pelicans, skates and especially dolphins or whales elevates any day at the beach.

It’s amazing how excited a crowd of people can get at the site of dorsal fins. We love all kinds of wildlife and have a special affinity for elephants.

So, we decided to put together a website where we can share interesting facts, information, stories etc. about the environment, conservation, and wildlife. We are not professional website developers; we both have full-time jobs keeping us busy. So, if the site sometimes looks like it’s being run by amateurs, it is.

But were going to try to provide interesting information from a number of sources as well as some original content. I have also developed what I consider to be a pretty cool logo that were making available on T-shirts and stickers. I’ve seen so many beach-oriented stickers over the years on rear windows and bumpers that I conceived one of my own. It incorporates the elements of spirituality, nature, and natural chemistry. The logo includes the yin-yang symbol, a drop of saltwater and the chemical formula for salt water. It’s designed to make you think, just a little bit.

Because going to the beach shouldn’t require a lot of thought! So check it out if you’d like. It’s a lot different than some of the other stuff you’ll see out there. The shirts are high quality, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

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