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My Recommended Beach Habits

This is just a quick mention of one of the habits that I always practice when I go to the beach. And this is a habit I wouldn’t mind other people sharing with me. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the dead of winter with its bitter cold or the anticipation caused by the warming weather of spring. It can be the height of the summer with blue skies and beautiful warm water. Or it could be the juxtaposition of cooling air temperatures and warm ocean water in the months of fall.

I set a goal of picking up at least three pieces of garbage every time I go to the beach. I almost always pick up way more than that much. I just happen to have a particular dislike for plastic garbage. Not only is plastic dirty, unsightly and forever, it can also cause hazards to wildlife. Bottles and caps, fishing line, forgotten toys, tampon applicators, facemasks, plastic bags and balloons and the ribbons tied to them.

This is a practice that I long ago passed along to my children. I have subsequently passed it along to my grandchildren also. I see a lot of people that appear to really love the beach at all times of the year. Especially in the summer as people drag all kinds of accessories with them to enhance the beach experience. Blankets, chairs, umbrellas, coolers and frisbees. I’m one of them, minus the frisbee. Most of these people are civilized enough to clean up after themselves with their chip bags, soda bottles and sub sandwich wrappers.

Unfortunately, I hardly ever see anybody else that goes to the beach with empty hands and returns with a handful of garbage. I hardly ever see anybody pick up just a little more than what they brought with them. If all those other beach lovers out there would just pick up a little extra maybe we would all get to the day where there wouldn’t be any to pick up! Just a thought.

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